Wedding Photo Booth Hire

Searching for a Wedding Photo Booth Near You

Looking for a wedding photo booth hire can be a time consuming task, unless you just landed on this site! We’ll give you a run down on what actually matters when looking to have a wedding photo booth near me. It can mean all the difference in the world and your party will love it. Why? Because it’s old fashioned, timeless, and brings style and life to the party!

wedding photo booth near me

Consider The Best Photo Booth Rental Near Me Prices

Did you literally just think of getting a photo booth for your wedding? Are you asking yourself if this is even a good idea? There are many factors to consider when looking for a photo booth, or even making the decision of ordering one near you. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best photo booth rentals near me and prices.

Photo Booth Props

Does the company you are ordering from have props for you to use? Or, are they sweet talking you and telling you that you should bring your own wedding photo booth props? That’s garbage if you ask us! It’s their job to provide you the best service and the best wedding photo booth hire experience. Ask them if they supply props, or if you need to brainstorm and bring them yourself. The majority of good wedding photo booth rentals will supply them for you.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Prices

The bottom line! Price. How much does it cost per hour, or per day? Every service is different and it all makes sense to them why they charge what they charge. It’s your job to look into it more and find out what the competitors near you are charging as well. Compare and contrast wedding photo booth rental prices. Do a quick search in google. Type in, “wedding photo booth hire prices near me.” See what pops up in the search engines and do some research with all the companies that offer photo booth services near you.

Photo Booth Hire Packages

Most businesses that offer photo booth services have specific packages. You may be asking yourself what do these packages consist of? Well, great question and let us answer that for you. Some services will offer you the basic package. That could be something like a few hours of photo booth rental services near you, 10 classic props, online gallery for emailing and social media sharing. The next step up in the packages could be all of the basic, plus additional features. They could offer a larger box of props, premium backdrops, unlimited 2×6 photo strip prints all with high-resolution files posted to an online gallery. And the mecca of all photo booth hire packages near me would be something like a 5 hour rental with premium features. What are premium features, you ask? It could be something as special as a full time attendant at your service helping you and your party take the best photos possible in the booth that you ordered. Projection slide show screen. Unlimited backdrops and photo strip prints. High-resolution with the best photo booth hire package!

The Green Screen Backdrop for Your Photo Booth

The power of a green screen backdrop is taking over these days. I mean think about it… why even order a photo booth when everyone has mobile phones, ipads, and selfie sticks? Why aren’t photo booths dead yet?

I would say because it’s classic! The seats inside are designed to make a connection and get people closer. That means more candid photos, not just regular selfies that we all take, all the time. Maybe because it’s something different and we all love something different. Wedding photo booth hire near me is a must in my opinion. Excitement generates with the younger crowd, and old time memories ooze up with the older generation. Not to mention, when was the last time you printed off pictures from your phone?

When searching for a wedding photo booth hire near you, make sure you use our checklist and find the best possible service in your local area. Some of these companies can really rock your world. However, if you pick the wrong service it could be a total waste. We want you to have the best possible experience on your wedding day. Seriously, that is coming from the best wedding photographer near you, Autumn Song Photography! Stunning wedding images is what it’s all about. We believe that having a wedding photo booth hire is the way to accomplish that.

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